Elementary School Series 14
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Unidentified students at Pine Ridge School. The glare on the right is an over exposure.

circa: 1921

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Big Creek School in Big Creek. This school was built for Edison employees' children in 1918 or 1919. Edison had hundreds of employees scattered through several project phases and many of them brought their families. Because of the isolation of Big Creek, the company built a very good school for its workers. The modern site has a swimming pool and a bowling alley built under the gym, all for community use as well as school use.

circa: 1925

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Big Creek School. Along with Pine Ridge, big Creek is one of the two schools still operating on its original site with its original name. Pine Ridge is at least 50 years older but that still is a unique honor.

circa: 1930

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Chautaqua School at Camp Sierra. Camp Sierra is about three miles from Big Creek on the road to Shaver. The S.J.&E. Railroad ran right through it. This school operated there for a few years but is long gone today.

circa: 1921

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This school ran at the Pine Logging camp about one mile north of Dinkey Creek. Mill workers would take their families to the mill site and live in company housing and their children would attend this school. It would run in the late spring and early fall until the snow ran the mill workers out. Pine Logging ran from about the 1940's to the 1970's.

circa: 1950

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This is what the Pine Logging school building looked like in 1996. The mill machinery has moved out and the houses have all been badly vandalized, as can be seen in the picture. The burner is still left but everything else is rapidly going down.

circa: 1996

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North Fork School in North Fork, Madera County. This school is on its original site and is still running but it is in Madera County. I believe it is part of the Golden Hills district at this time. Why the Fresno County Library took a picture of North Fork School is hard to understand, maybe North Fork had a contract with them.

circa: 1921

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Castle Peak School on the Mammoth Pool Road about 12 miles east of North Fork. This school joined North Fork School in the 1930's. Note my first grade teacher, Margaret DeMasters, third from the right, back row. Some of the Indian students are Polkenhorns, long time residents of North Fork.

circa: 1920

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Foothill Middle School looking southeast. This school was built in 1993 to house the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from Auberry and Sierra Elementary Schools. It has a population of about 500 students. Buildings from bottom right to top middle are the gym, Industrial Tech and Art building, the library(round) and the office. The large building middle right is the MPR, a combo cafeteria, auditorium, and community building. All others are classrooms.

circa: 1995

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Foothill Middle School looking Northwest. FMS is about one half mile north of Prather on Auberry Road.

circa: 1995

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