Elementary School Series 13
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Academy School with the porch and roof removed. The light wood is evidence of the recent removal. Academy was on the Centerville to Millerton stage road and used to have a lot more people and action than now. The students are unidentified.

circa: 1883

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Academy School, 1898. A teacher and maybe two other adults. Note the large number of students and the boy in the sailor suit.

circa: 1898

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Academy School, 1898. This picture has the names of all the students written in. Unfortunately many of them are unreadable.

circa: 1898

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Academy School. This picture has Andrew Firebaugh's grandchildren in it. They are the Crockers; Ray, Stella, and Jenny. Andrew F. came to the Fresno County foothills after leaving his name in Firebaugh, where he had a ferry across the San Joaquin River. He settled the ranch in Watts Valley that today belongs to the Lassotovitches and he lived several years in Humphreys Station, Where he died in 1858. His well marked grave is alone, one of the oldest white graves in mountain history.

circa: 1900

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Dry Creek School stood on Pollasky and Fowler Avenues, where it is in this picture. The building was moved to Academy in the 1980's, where it was supposed to become a museum. The man with the idea died, and the old school sits decaying in Academy. It is often mistaken for Academy School which had long since disappeared by the 1980's.

circa: 1935

_126es.jpg, 80 x 50, 2K
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The Dry Creek School after being moved to Academy. The idea to move the school was Emil Prudek's, a long time Clovis barber. Emil died before his plan could be finished and the school remains in this spot today. but much more decayed than in this picture.

circa: 1988

_127es.jpg, 80 x 51, 2K
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Round Mountain School was where Shaw Avenue dead ended into the foothills. It was started by the Qualls family, relatives of the long time foothill residents Qualls. It was one of the most impressive of the early schools. with some fancy woodworking. It was absorbed by the Clovis school system and nothing remains of it.

circa: 1921

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Pine Ridge School at the junction of Auberry Road and Tollhouse Road, about 1/2 mile west of Cressman's. The building was crudely built and the students are unidentified. Pine Ridge is still operating on this site, along with Big Creek School the only two pre-high school to operate on the same site with the same name since it's founding..

circa: 1900

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Pine Ridge School. This sagging but stubborn building sat right on Tollhouse Road just before it hit Auberry Road. The road has been rerouted and Tollhouse Road goes well below the Pine Ridge site today. Pine Ridge has built a new school plant today today just north of this site and no sign of this building remains.

circa: 1900

_130es.jpg, 80 x 49, 2.1K
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In this picture Pine Ridge School has received a facelift, due to the two successful logging magnates in the picture, C.B. Shaver and Leland Swift. Swift is seated on the railing,top left, with the mustache. Shaver is seated third from the right, a large guy with no hair and a large mustache.Shaver's wife is in the print dress, leaning toward him on the right. Swift's wife is behind him on the left. This is the porch in front of the old building.

circa: 1888

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