Elementary School Series 12
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Millerton School with the Flemings in front. They have built a style, or steps to go over the fence, and a bridge over the little creek in front.

circa: 1910

_112es.jpg, 80 x 52, 1.7K
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Site of Millerton School in 1996. Nothing remains of the old school. The cement steps were added to the school and are in this picture but have since been removed by Table Mountain construction. Pincushion Mountain is the same.

circa: 1996

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Members of the Fleming family and others in the Millerton Community band. The Flemings were known for their musical abilities and were often in bands and performing. Check the picture of the San Joaquin River at Millerton on the drum.

circa: 1902

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Friant School at Friant. This school is at the site of the school of later years, south of the town and up on the bluff. In the 1980's, parents unhappy with Sierra High School took Friant School out of the Sierra district and moved the district to Clovis. The school was shut down two years later and no longer exists.

circa: 1921

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Fort Washington School. It was located at the site of today's golf course. The name has been given to another Clovis school but the original site is long forgotten.

circa: 1905

_116es.jpg, 80 x 59, 2K
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Pollasky School on Friant Road on the Ball ranch. It was named after speculator/con-man Marcus Pollasky, who disappeared with a lot of people's money. It was closed long ago and no sign remains of it today.

circa: 1921

_117es.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.1K
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Lerona School at Hutchen's Station on the Railroad Grade, today Jose Basin Road. It was populated with children of the local Indians and children of Edison Company employees, usually railroad workers. It merged in the 1930's with several other small schools to form the Auberry Union Elementary District. I believe the building is gone today. The students are unidentified.

circa: 1921

_118es.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.2K
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Lerona School on the Railroad Grade on the way to Jose Basin. This must be some kind of dress up day, everyone looks like the Little Rascals. One old timer told me that he brought a skunk to school in a sack and let it out under the school. He said they closed school for the day. Makes a good story whether its true or not. You can see that there is space under the school.

circa: 1922

_119es.jpg, 80 x 53, 2K
500 x 336

Academy School located at Academy, about a mile west of the Sample Road turnoff on Tollhouse Road, today's Highway 168. The school was the first in Fresno county and the local residents were so proud of it they named their town after it. The original building had a porch and covered roof all the way around it but it was removed. The picture shows light colored wood where it was removed. The unidentified students are playing baseball.

circa: 1882

_120es.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.2K
500 x 325

Drawing of the old Academy School showing the original porch and deck. It became part of Clovis schools and was closed long ago.

circa: 1872

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