Elementary School Series 11
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_101es.jpg, 50 x 80, 1.9K
316 x 500

Sentinel School reunion. People from 1885-86 are pictured in 1931. They are standing in front of the old school. Notable are Annie Corlew Stearly's parents, Arch Gibson and Ann Morgan Gibson. Also pictured are Annie's uncles, Mance and Jim Morgan. This reunion was 67 years ago in 1998 and these people are 112 years out of school in 1998.

circa: 1931

_102es.jpg, 80 x 70, 2.3K
500 x 443

Sentinel School in 1898. The students are at the side of the old school seen in the background. Top row, l. to r.,; Myrtle Russell, Will Ward,Raymond Russell,Victor Russell, Lola Russell, Anna Slaven, Jim Ward. Front row, l., to r.,; John McDonald, Kate Slaven, Henry Slaven, Belle Slaven, John Slaven, Sada Johnson, Jessie McDonald. In the middle left of the picture is teacher Mary Storer.

circa: 1898

_103es.jpg, 80 x 54, 2.4K
500 x 340

Sentinel School graduates, 1929. Note the car in the background. Students are unidentified.

circa: 1929

_104es.jpg, 80 x 55, 2.4K
500 x 344

Sentinel School in 1920's. Exact year and students are unknown.

circa: 1925

_105es.jpg, 80 x 62, 2.2K
327 x 257

This one inch square picture was of the Thermal School in the 1880's. It was located about one mile south of Auberry Road on Millerton Road, about three miles north of Sentinel. The speculator town of Thermal died about 1890 and the school building was dragged by teams to the site of today's Table Mountain Casino and became Millerton School. The Fleming family of Auberry Road and Little Dry Creek moved and set it up.

circa: 1888

_106es.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.3K
500 x 335

Millerton School at today's Table Mountain Casino. It was located across Sky Harbor Road just west of the casino building. Two of the Fleming children are on the porch and Pincushion Mountain is behind the school.

circa: 1905

_107es.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.3K
500 x 327

On the porch of Millerton School. Three of the Fleming boys are on the right. Eulalia Fleming is just right of the center post in the picture. Several Indian students from Table Mountain Rancheria are in the picture but are unidentified.

circa: 1908

_108es.jpg, 80 x 50, 1.7K
500 x 318

Millerton School taken by a Fresno County Library photographer. This picture so resembles Pleasant Vale School below Tollhouse that the photographer mixed them up. This school and Pleasant Vale is what the Eastern Fresno County Historical Society building at Sierra High School is patterned after. Pincushion Mountain is in the background and today's casino would be on the right. Note the two outhouses behind the school.

circa: 1921

_109es.jpg, 80 x 49, 2.1K
500 x 311

Two of the Fleming brothers on the porch of Millerton School. Note their bicycles on and in front of the porch. The Flemings took pride in fixing up the school. Millerton merged with several other small schools, (Auberry Valley, Big Sandy, and Lerona) to form the Auberry Union Elementary School in the late 1930's. The building has disappeared and no sign of it remains.

circa: 1910

_110es.jpg, 80 x 60, 2.1K
500 x 381

Fleming brothers on Millerton School porch. Notice they are holding up their hammers.

circa: 1910

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