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An Auberry Elementary School basketball team with cheerleaders. This was before girls were allowed to take part in sports. Second from right, front row is Brad Brown. Third from right, back row is Donald Hawkins. The coach is Charles Weyand and the other players and girls are unidentified.

circa: 1961

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This building pictured at Auberry Elementary School was originally built at Wish-I-Ah TB sanitarium as a school and was moved to Auberry in 1931. It has served as a band room, library, Special Ed classroom, storage room and offices. It was given to the Eastern Fresno County Historical Society in 1993 and was moved to its present site at the Historical Society's history park. It has been restored and is now serving as a museum.

circa: 1960

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This is an Big Sandy Elementary School bus loading students at P.G.&E.'s Kerckhoff Powerhouse at the end of Smalley Road. The Powerhouse has been automated and no one lives there today. The two tall boys are Lee Breckenridge and his brother. Many of the old buses were small like this one because their loads were small.

circa: 1936

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sentinel School, located on Morgan Canyon Road about three miles west of Prather. The name Sentinel came from a misspelling of Centennial. which was submitted for the post office name of the area in 1876. Whether the misspelling was local or on the government's part, the name stuck and was given to the school as well. Located just east of the school is the Sentinel Cemetery, a maintained but closed part of the Clovis Cemetery District.

circa: 1920

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Sentinel School was a one room schoolhouse. It's main feature was a bell tower with a very nice bell. It served the area from Letcher on the west to below Prather on the east. It merged with several other small schools to form the Sierra Union Elementary District in the 1930's. The original building burned in the late 1920's and was replaced with a much simpler and cheaper school.

circa: 1900

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A teacher inside the Sentinel School. This Mary Storer taken March 26, 1894. Nothing is known about Mary but the picture is some kind of social event, maybe a spring or Easter social. Note George Washington's picture on the wall and the dish service, Autumn Leaf pattern of Jewel Tea. The dishes were premiums for buying a lot of one product, e.g. Fuller Brush. Note the bunting on the wall above the blackboard.

circa: 1894

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This is the second Sentinel School which replaced the burned first. The bell and tower has been destroyed and this building is basically a box. It does have electricity as the wire coming in is visible. After the building was abandoned as a school, it was bought and made into a house by Bill Swarts,a Sierra High employee. The building remains a house today and is the home of the Winters family. It takes some knowledge and imagination to see the old school in today's house.
circa: 1930

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The caption in the publication that this picture says it is Sentinel School but it is not and the school shown is not any of the identified mountain schools. It probably is in the Fresno County foothills but is unidentified. The students are having a great time on stilts

circa: 1900

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Sentinel School in 1898. The people are identified and the teacher is Mrs. Howison. Annie Gibson is #4. She became Annie Corlew Gibson, marrying Curtis Corlew and then marrying Sam Stearly when she was widowed in 1946. She is responsible for much of the survival of mountain history and recorded the people in this picture. Her grandparents were Lucretia and James Morgan, whose family name was applied to the Morgan Canyon area. Ruth Loper, visitor, became a Sentinel and Sierra Union teacher.

circa: 1898

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Sentinel School. Pictured are all the students in school with the school in the background left. Annie Gibson is # 14 and Perley McDonald is #10. Perley was the cousin of Annie's future husband, Curtis Corlew. Annie Gibson Corlew Stearly lived until 1995 and was a historical and social treasure for the mountain community.

circa: 1899

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