Elementary School Series 8
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_071es.jpg, 80 x 54, 1.9K
500 x 338

The old Big Sandy School building just before it was torn down in 1993.

circa: 1993

_072es.jpg, 80 x 40, 1.7K
550 x 275

The back of the old Big Sandy School building in 1993.

circa: 1993

_073es.jpg, 80 x 48, 1.5K
550 x 331

Big Sandy School, Auberry. Here is the gym and new wing of classrooms built in 1931 under construction. This building is south of the first building. The picture is looking southwest, showing Black Mountain in the background. The gym is still used for P.E. and programs and assemblies although it is too small to accommodate the whole school. Offices and classrooms are still housed in the new wing.

circa: 1931

_074es.jpg, 80 x 46, 1.6K
550 x 318

Here is the new gym and classroom wing at Big Sandy School in Auberry after completion. About two years Big Sandy School merged with three other small schools to become the Auberry Union School District. The construction was part of the proposed merger plan. Looking northeast, landscaping has surrounded this building today and another classroom wing has been erected from where the picture is being taken.

circa: 1932

_075es.jpg, 80 x 39, 1.5K
550 x 270

The new gym and classrooms at Big Sandy School, Auberry. Note the power pole and electric wires coming to the building. Private homes did not have power until the 1940's but schools and some businesses did. Looking west, the area behind the school has no development where most of the school is today.

circa: 1932

_076es.jpg, 80 x 49, 2.1K
550 x 338

Big Sandy School, Auberry. The count road crew has been working on Auberry Road when the picture was taken. Note the 1930's car and the vehicle or horse pulled grader beside the road. The road is dirt but is well graded. The tree is long gone today. The first Big Sandy building on this site is visible in the background right.

circa: 1932

_077es.jpg, 80 x 47, 1.4K
550 x 325

Big Sandy School, Auberry. Auberry Road and the new gym and classrooms. The start of today's terraced landscaping is visible east of the building. Auberry road is unpaved but graded.

circa: 1932

_078es.jpg, 80 x 39, 1.4K
550 x 274

Big Sandy School, Auberry. Here the terracing is complete to enhance the landscaping next to the new buildings. Note the volleyball court set up in the foreground.

circa: 1934

_079es.jpg, 80 x 46, 1.7K
550 x 321

Student body president Bonnie Burns standing by the flagpole in front of the new classroom wing. At this time the school has become Auberry Elementary.

circa: 1948

_080es.jpg, 80 x 49, 2K
550 x 343

The Auberry Elementary School band in front of the first Big Sandy building at the present school site. Sailor hats and capes are in and the colors are red and white. The band is quite large considering the school size of the 1950's, less than 100 students. The students are unidentified.

circa: 1950

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