Elementary School Series 7
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Auberry Valley School with its playground equipment. The Auberry Valley was settled before the area of today's Auberry. The name Auberry came from a mispronunciation and misspelling of the name of as man named Al Yarborough. His name was messed up on his tax records and the resulting "Auberry" has survived as the name of several things of today.

circa: 1900

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A school program from 1910. This was a sort of combination yearbook and class picture. All the students are listed along with teacher Lorena Brewer. She also taught at Pleasant Vale for a few years. Leota Sims probably came after they went to press so she was added in ink. The Sullivans listed are from the Sullivan Mine family at Temperance Flats on the San Joaquin. The Grabners, Beckhams, Hurleys, and Marshalls, are all old Auberry Valley settler families and reflect the trustee names.

circa: 1910

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Auberry Valley School looking north toward the San Joaquin River. This must be a community day of some kind because there is a mix of adults and students. Some of them are holding boxes or baskets, probably due to collecting something or having a picnic. All are unidentified.

circa: 1890

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Parents and students outside Auberry Valley School. Check the dress of the day and notice one boy has a tie while another has overalls. All are unidentified.

circa: 1900

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Auberry Valley School population outside the school. These are mostly students with a few adults mixed in. Notice the large number of students reflecting that this is winter so no logging or stock work has drained attendance. All are unidentified.

circa: 1902

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Big Sandy School at Auberry. This school was just south of Old Auberry located by today's abandoned mill pond. The house still exists and has been made into a house. Careful looking can reveal the box shape of the old school building today. Everybody but one in the picture looked left. The caption says the teacher is Mr. Meir and the students are numbered but no list is available to I.D. them. Big Sandy School, April 22, 1910.

circa: 1910

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Big Sandy School, Auberry. Here the school population is numbered for I.D. but no list was available. The third student from the left, front row, #20, is Curtis Corlew. He is always identifiable by his large, easily noticed ears. Curtis was the son of Andrew Jackson Corlew and was later married to Annie Corlew Stearly. He was the father of Howard and Glenn Corlew and died early in life of congenital heart failure. The teacher is Mr. Fredericks.

circa: 1894

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Big Sandy School population in 1898. The students are identified with some noticeable old Auberry family names; Root, Estill, Ruth, Hamilton, and Corlew. The teacher is Mr. Fredericks. Lula Smith is #18. Lula Smith later married Wes Qualls and was the mother of Otis Qualls, a renowned cowboy and roper. Lula and Wes became known as Aunt Lu and Uncle Wes and were considered community treasures until their deaths in the 1960's. Mountain resident Wes Qualls is the grandson of Lu and Wes.

circa: 1898

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Big Sandy School, Auberry. This is the new site of the school, built in the early 1920's. It is located west of the junction of Auberry road and Powerhouse Road on the site occupied by the Auberry Elementary School of today. This building survived until 1994 when it was torn down. The site had a two room building and an outside drinking fountain. It was probably the best structure of the mountain schools when it was built.

circa: 1922

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Big Sandy School in Auberry in the 1930's. The school took its name from Big Sandy Creek which flowed three miles to the south. In the 1930's the school joined with; Lerona School from the Railroad Grade, Auberry Valley School, and Millerton School, to form the new Auberry Union Elementary School District. In 1992 Auberry Elementary became part of the Sierra Unified School District, joining Sierra Elementary, Sierra high School, and The new Foothill Middle School.

circa: 1930

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