Elementary School Series 5
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Hawkins School, Watts Valley, 1931. Front row, l. to r.; Frank Mendenhall's older brother, ??, ?? , ??, Lester Burroughs. Center Row, l. to r.; ??, Virginia Mendenhall Akers, Mrs. Eversoll (teacher), ??, ??, ??. Back row, l. to r.; ?? , Leo Burroughs, Bud Green, ??, Jimmy Burroughs, ??, ?? . Mrs. Eversoll was missing her left hand. The McMurtry brothers told me that it was because she spanked them so much. Unlikely!

circa: 1931

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Students at the Sycamore School at cold Springs Rancheria. The missionaries ran a school here at various times to serve the Indian students. When the school was sporadically closed the Sycamore students had to go to Burrough Valley. Note the dress code. The first and fifth girls in line were Maude Hancock's children. The picture caption mentions Hunters, Buckskins, and Alecs, but the others are not specifically identified.

circa: 1925

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The Fancher Creek School at the junction of Watts Valley Road and Sample Road. This very small building served primarily children of miners at the Copper King Mine, located due north over the hill behind this school. Exactly when the school opened and closed is unknown but it had to be linked to the operating years of the mine.

circa: 1920

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Here is the site today of the Fancher Creek School. Nothing remains to let anyone know a school once stood here. At the junction of Watts Valley and Sample Road.



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Piedra School on the Kings River. The gravel quarry which is located below or west of today's Pine flat Dam was the site of this school. Behind the building can be seen the S.P. railroad line which served the quarry. The building is not crooked, the picture is. Note the unique bell tower. No sign of this school remains today.

circa: 1922

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Pine Grove School on the Kings River. The site of this school and the small settlement of Pine Grove is covered by the waters of Pine flat Lake. The location was 4-5 miles west or down river from Trimmer. This school merged with Sierra Elementary in the 1930's. Note the sign on the left which meant that this site had a telephone.

circa: 1920

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Pine Grove School on the Kings River.

circa: 1922

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Two students on horseback in front of the Pine Grove School on the Kings River. Students rode their horses to school, pastured them, and then rode them home. The school building is in the background. Also in the picture is the covered area and benches where students ate lunch.

circa: 1918

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Hughes Creek School on the Clarence Akers ranch, north of the Kings river. This school joined the Sierra Elementary District in the 1930's and the building has been used for living or storage ever since. This is what the school building looked like in 1995.

circa: 1995

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Pine Grove School on the Kings River.

circa: 1917

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