Elementary School Series 4
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Mountain View School in Burrough Valley. The school size varied according to the time of year attendance was taken. During the start of logging season in the spring or the end of it in the fall many boys would be absent because of work. Whole families traveled to where the work was so school size would be small. Moving cattle or sheep also affected attendance.

circa: 1890

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The second Burrough Valley School building as it looks today. This building replaced the first school which was destroyed by fire around 1915. When Mountain View School closed with its merger with Sierra Elementary in the 1930's, this building became a private home. It has been remodeled through the years with interesting discoveries. One family found the original blackboards under paneling that had been added years before. Today the house is occupied.

circa: 1994

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Teacher Anne Kent with the Mountain View School students the last year the school operated, about 1938. The Burrough Valley school refused to join the new Sierra Elementary for a few years because they wanted to maintain their independence from "big" districts. When the school shrank to fewer than five students the school was closed and merged with the larger district. This picture was crumpled in someone's pocket and almost didn't survive. Note the band instruments.

circa: 1938

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Teacher Anne Kent with Mountain View School students in front of the second school building. Mrs. Kent went on to teach many years in the Sierra Elementary School system. She was Mrs. Moore in later years. This building is Burrough Valley North Road about one half a mile north of the Spence house.

circa: 1938

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This must be a prospective juggling lesson at Mountain View School in Burrough Valley. The students and adults are next to the original building so the picture is an old one. Either the man or the woman is the teacher so the other is probably the juggling instructor. They and the students are unidentified.

circa: 1990

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Looking southeast from Mountain Vies School in Burrough Valley. Behind the students the Harry Spence house is visible at the junction of the Upper and Lower Burrough Valley Roads. In the picture are several students from the Cold Springs Rancheria at Sycamore. Missionaries ran a school at the Rancheria at times and when their school was closed the Indian students would have to come to Mountain View, about 3 miles. Maude Hancock is on the left and her brother, Peterson Hunter on the right.

circa: 1908

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Unidentified students at Mountain View School in Burrough Valley lined up in front of the first school building. The picture is facing southwest.

circa: 1902

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A picture taken from a Rod Riggs glass plate inside the Mountain View School in Burrough Valley. Inside pictures were very rare because of light problems and what made this one possible was the light coming in from the windows. Note the wood stove for heat. A flaw in the stove flue caused this building to burn down. Note the gas lamps. These could be lowered to clean, fuel, and light, and then were raised. Check the sun shining through the teacher's beard. Note the students trying to act normal.

circa: 1890

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Hawkins School in Watts Valley. This school was two miles west of the junction of Watts Valley Road and Maxon Road, located just east of the Green Ranch. The two boys on the right leaning on each other are Jimmy Burroughs and Elbert McMurtry. The teacher, Mrs. Eversoll, is seated with her arms folded in the center left of the picture. I think Bertha McMurtry is standing on the right. The others are unidentified. Hawkins closed and joined the Sierra Union Elementary District in the 1930's.

circa: 1920

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Students practicing a Christmas or Thanksgiving celebration at Hawkins School in Watts Valley. The students dressed up like Indians are actually Indians, the Burroughs brothers, Jimmy, Lester, and Leo. They were cousins of the McMurtry children. One of the very few pictures of the Hawkins building is in the background. Hawkins was named after a County Schools superintendent in the early 1900's.

circa: 1922

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