Elementary School Series 3
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_021es.jpg, 80 x 51, 1.9K
510 x 331

Amantha Smith's Pleasant Vale graduation diploma, May 28, 1928. Note that is issued by Fresno County and that it varies very little from today's diplomas.

circa: 1928

_022es.jpg, 80 x 65, 2.4K
567 x 465

Sierra Union Elementary staff, 1950. top row. l. to r.: Grace Moore, cook; Cliff Glass, bus driver; Jack Brewer, bus driver; Ren Griffin, custodian; Neva Jostrum, head cook. Front Row, l. to r.: ?? ; ?? ; Addie DeMasters, teacher; Wally Barcus, teacher-principal. SES had approximately 80 students this year.

circa: 1950

_023es.jpg, 80 x 48, 1.9K
567 x 347

The new office and classroom wing at Sierra Elementary. The big water oak that marked the southern end of the campus is just north of this building. All new buildings were built south of the big oak from this time on. Note the small potted trees waiting to be planted. Note the erosion starting because there i s no landscaping yet. Tollhouse Road and Big Dry Creek are east of the building.

circa: 1962

_024es.jpg, 80 x 53, 1.8K
567 x 379

The new classroom wing at Sierra Elementary, from the northeast. The big water oak is on the right of this picture. The classrooms are two story with the school office on the top right of the building. The southern shoulder of Black Mountain is in the background.

circa: 1962

_025es.jpg, 80 x 35, 1.4K
567 x 252

This classroom wing was built around 1955. It was south of the 1962 wing and also south of the gym, which was between the two wings. The near segment of the building housed a storeroom and restrooms. The far wing used to be the Sierra Elementary library and at the present houses kindergarten classes.

circa: 1956

_026es.jpg, 80 x 37, 1.4K
567 x 265

This is the 1955 classroom wing at Sierra Elementary looking north. Behind the wing is the gym which was built at about the same time as the classrooms. Tollhouse Peak is visible in the right background.

circa: 1957

_027es.jpg, 80 x 34, 1.4K
567 x 246

This bus garage at sierra Elementary was built around 1960. It sat almost exactly on the site of the old Pleasant Vale building. It was torn down in 1994 to make room for a parking lot.

circa: 1962

_028es.jpg, 80 x 46, 2K
567 x 327

The first Sierra Elementary School bus. The early buses were slow and small and sometimes they had to back up steep grades because their strongest gear was reverse. The gas feed in the early gas tanks was at the front and a steep hill caused the gas to run to the back, so the bus had to go up in reverse to keep the gas feed flowing. The driver is Dick Bradford, a long time mountain resident descended from early pioneers. He was a logger before this and Sierra High's first auto shop teacher after.

circa: 1925

_029es.jpg, 80 x 51, 1.9K
567 x 364

The Mountain View School in Burrough Valley. This building was the first of two, the second replacing the original after it burned down. It was about one mile north of the southern junction of the upper and lower Burrough Valley Roads. The building which housed the second school has been made over into a house and still survives today. The school served all of Burrough Valley. Note the bell tower and the pile of firewood piled by its side.

circa: 1880

_030es.jpg, 80 x 49, 1.8K
567 x 350

The Mountain View School in Burrough Valley. This picture was taken by a photographer hired by the County Library system. The county schools and the library used to be one organization. This photographer went out in 1922 to record pictures of all the county schools. The originals were about 2 inches square and were all labeled by ink pen on the front. This photographer was responsible for the mislabeling of the Pleasant Vale School as Millerton.

circa: 1922

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