Elementary School Series 2
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_011es.jpg, 80 x 51, 2.2K
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The building shown was added to the Sierra Union site in the early 1940's. It was built to complement the original Sierra Union building. The front right housed a principal's office and a small classroom / auditorium combination room. To the left, stretched a classroom wing. To the left of this building stands the huge water oak which remains a Sierra Elementary landmark today. The picture was taken in the snow, which explains the light color.

circa: 1948

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A Pleasant Vale class picture taken a few years before the Sierra Union merger. The old Pleasant Vale building is in the background. The tall boy in the middle of the back row is Bud Yancey, Max Yancey's youngest child. On his right in the picture is Woody Van Vleet, his stepbrother. The sign identifies the school and the year, 1927. The teacher and the rest of the students are unidentified.

circa: 1927

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Sierra Union School in the 1930's. The lady 4th from the right in the back row is Ruth Loper, a teacher at the new Sierra Union when it started. She formerly taught at Sentinel School from Morgan Canyon, which joined Sierra Union. To her right in the picture is Bob Bretz who donated this picture. He was a grandson of Joseph Bretz, one of the original old time loggers. Note that the school population is larger and required two teachers. The others in the picture are unidentified.
circa: 1938

_014es.jpg, 80 x 46, 2K
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Addie DeMasters first and second grade classroom at Sierra Union in 1948. Standing in the back is Mrs. DeMasters. Seated at the far right is Judy Hunter Ratchford. In the front of the row at the left is Kenny Ratchford, Judy's future spouse. To the rear of the classroom is Walt Prather, dressed in the cowboy suit. The room is in the old classroom wing at Sierra Union.

circa: 1949

_015es.jpg, 80 x 31, 1.7K
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Anne Kent Moore's first and second grade class, 1952, Sierra Union Elementary. Top row l. to r., Frank Lee, Kenny Ratchford, Bill Perry, Barbara Hooper, Anne Kent Moore, Bud Olson, Chester ??, Steve Kovac, Ron Withrow. Front Row, l. to r., Wes Qualls, Susan Seeley, Patty Wilson, Lola Clark, Margaret Weldon, Judy Hunter, Noreen Ballard, Johnny Rose.
circa: 1952

_016es.jpg, 80 x 31, 1.6K
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Wally Barcus' 3rd and 4th grade class, Sierra Union Elementary, 1954. Back row, l. to r.,??,??, Frank Lee, Alan Toole, Wally Barcus, John Klein, Jim ??, Bud Olson, Bill Perry. Front row, l. to r., Verta Moon, ??, Candy Griffin, Susan Seeley, ??, Margaret Weldon,Lola Clark, Patty Wilson, Johnny Rose. Wally doubled as classroom teacher and principal.

circa: 1954

_017es.jpg, 80 x 54, 2.5K
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Mr. Mazari's 6th and 7th grade class, Sierra Union Elementary, 1956. Back row, l. to r., Jerry Hensley, Bob Barcus, Harold Hevener, John Klein, Mr. Mazari, ?? Hancock, Bud Olson, Buck Akers. Middle Row, l. to r., Claudia Johnson, Lita Clark, Lynnel Booth, Sherril Karger, Susan Seeley, Judy Akers. Front row, l. to r. Alan Toole, ?? , Frank Lee, Gilbert Hunter, John Phillips, Jim B. Long, Bill Perry. This was Mr. Mazari's only year at Sierra, due in part to Daryl Patterson, who was absent .
circa: 1956

_018es.jpg, 70 x 80, 2.7K
477 x 541

Graduation Day about 1922, Pleasant Vale School. Graduation Days were a big thing because many students did not attend high school. The class' three girls are pictured in the top photo with a car and in the bottom photo they are in front of the well house and are joined by the class' only boy. They are unidentified.

circa: 1922

_019es.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.1K
567 x 374

Graduating class of 1948, Sierra Union Elementary. The five members of the class are pictured on the stage of the old Sierra auditorium. They are unidentified.

circa: 1948

_020es.jpg, 80 x 51, 2.1K
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Pleasant Vale Class of 1928. The girl on the right is Amantha Smith, Tollhouse stage and truck driver Jim Parish's stepdaughter. The two girls in the middle are obviously related, maybe twins. They and the other students are unidentified.

circa: 1928

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