Auberry Series 6D
Old Auberry

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A view of the Auberry General Store in the 1960's. On the right is the Auberry Cafe with the elementary school in the background. On the right of the picture is the front of the Auberry Garage, which replaced the blacksmith shop.

circa 1966

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The Auberry General Store was leased by Fred Tuttle and his family from the Root family as the sign indicates. The Tuttle family moved out of this store and built the Ponderosa Market located across the street, on the site of the two Auberry hotels. The newer market is operated today by Fred Tuttle's son-in-law, Barney Amundsen and his wife Mary, and their family.

circa 1961

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This photo was taken from the front of the Ponderosa Market and shows the site of the Auberry General Store across the street. The middle of the store building burned down in the 1970's, leaving the cafe and restrooms on one end and the post office-library on the other end. The old library was the size of a large closet. Nothing sits on this spot today as the picture shows but the gas island survives.

circa 1997

_127a.jpg, 80 x 44, 1.8K
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The Auberry Cafe in the 1950's. The sign offers sandwiches and also visible is a Coke sign. The Cafe offered beer and wine and a soda fountain at this time. The building has been leased by many different people, most of whom had a hard time surviving economically on this site. Today Velasco's Mexican Restaurant has a thriving business in this building.

circa 1954

_128a.jpg, 80 x 54, 1.9K
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The interior of Root's Cafe in the 1950's. Note the juke box and the counter with stools. Both of those items are absent in todays cafe. The windows and rest of the structure are the same. Note the Kool cigarette sign in the front window.

circa 1952

_129a.jpg, 80 x 58, 2.1K
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The counter-bar in the Root's Cafe in Auberry. Alcohol could be purchased here as well as ice cream and meals. Occasionally people danced, probably the reason there were few tables. Note the mirror behind the bar. The counter is gone in today's restaurant.

circa 1952

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