Auberry Series 6C
Old Auberry

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_114a.jpg, 80 x 47, 1.9K
500 x 298

Here is Louis Kientz's 1927 Buick in front of the expanded Auberry Store. Additions have been made on the right but the Cafe is not in place yet.

circa 1930

_115a.jpg, 80 x 45, 1.8K
500 x 287

The Auberry Store when it was completed by Leonard Root. The sign reflects his ownership. Note the scale in front of the store and the new gas pumps and oil pumps. The Cafe roof is seen on the right

circa 1935

_116a.jpg, 80 x 42, 1.9K
500 x 264

The Auberry Store looking west. The gas island, which survives today, is in its prime. The Auberry Store delivery truck is visible behind the gas island.

circa 1935

_117a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.2K
500 x 330

A close up of the Auberry Store. Coca-Cola signs abound and the store sign features liquor services. This also is a good shot of the gas and oil services.

circa 1935

_118a.jpg, 80 x 48, 1.7K
500 x 300

The Auberry General Store delivery truck with Sonny Root at the wheel. Customers could call in orders or send them in with friends and the store would make them up and take them to their houses. Sonny remembers delivering to many older people who had no transportation and taking Indian baskets in trade for groceries in the Big Sandy Rancheria.

circa 1940

_119a.jpg, 80 x 51, 2.2K
500 x 320

Louis Kientz Jr. sitting on his horse in front of the Kientz run Old Town Store, the predecessor of the Root owned Auberry Store. Louis the younger was an avid sportsman and preserver of mountain folklore. His son, Marvin, provided many of the Auberry and New Auberry pictures for this collection.

circa 1932

_120a.jpg, 80 x 42, 1.9K
500 x 264

A picture of the gas island at the Auberry Store when it was new. It survived several store additions and renovations and eventually survived the 1977 fire that destroyed much of the store building. Today the gas island and pumps stand unused, due to the tanks for gas not meeting the safety standards of California.

circa ???

_121a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.1K
500 x 325

The store complex at Auberry in the 1950's. The cafe is visible on the far right with Auberry Elementary School being to the cafe's right.

circa 1958

_122a.jpg, 80 x 66, 2.6K
500 x 415

The Auberry Store with five Sierra High students in the foreground. Lue Sumrow-Prindiville is the girl in the middle. Marvin Kientz is at her left. The others are unidentified. The sign on the store gives Auberry's elevation as 2,000 feet and is titled "General Store".

circa 1955

_123a.jpg, 80 x 58, 2.2K
500 x 363

This is the interior of the Auberry General Store. Obvious in the foreground is a 1950's vintage Coke machine. This was the kind where you put in your money, guided your choice of soda to the release lever, and pulled it out. In today's collector minded world, this would be worth a lot of money. The store was small inside, with several rows of shelves and racks and a meat counter in back. This burned down in the 1970's fire.

circa 1958

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