Auberry Series 6B
Old Auberry

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_104a.jpg, 80 x 39, 1.8K
500 x 249

A close-up of the Auberry street picture. Note the corrals on the right behind the blacksmith shop and the car in the center of the street. The northern shoulder of Backbone or Rancheria Mountain is in the background.

circa 1920

_105a.jpg, 80 x 56, 2K
500 x 352

A close-up of the Auberry street picture. the Youngquist store is clearly visible on the left. This is a A.C. Mudge picture taken around 1920.

circa 1920

_106a.jpg, 80 x 40, 1.8K
500 x 256

Another close-up of the Auberry street picture this time featuring the blacksmith shop.

circa 1920

_107a.jpg, 80 x 44, 1.7K
500 x 275

This 1997 shot of Auberry's main street attempts to recreate the 1920 Auberry street picture. Almost nothing is left from 1920 except physical features.

circa 1997

_108a.jpg, 80 x 41, 1.6K
500 x 257

This is a picture of the Auberry Tavern and Store. This was added onto at a later date and became the L.O. Root building. It replaced the Witham Store and the Youngquist Store and part of it remains today.

circa 1922

_109a.jpg, 80 x 39, 1.6K
500 x 247

A close-up of the Auberry Tavern. Visible on the roof is the sign, "Auberry Tavern". The sign"Store" is over the door. The gas island is still standing today but has been closed for gas because of the new tank laws. When this picture was taken Louis Kientz ran the store.

circa 1922

_110a.jpg, 80 x 42, 1.7K
500 x 265

Here is the previous Auberry Tavern now called the Old Town Grocery. The Old Town comes from the term "Old Auberry". Snow graces the picture with cars parked in the gas island. The store is still being run by the Kientz family.

circa 1930

_111a.jpg, 80 x 52, 1.9K
500 x 328

Here is a bad picture of the Auberry Store. The sign has been changed to the something grocery. On the gas island are two signs, one for Coca Cola and a brush sign. The people in front are the Kientz family and relatives.

circa 1925

_112a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.2K
500 x 336

The three men are Louis Kientz in the middle, his brother on the picture's right, and one of the Pinnells on the left. Note the 2000 foot elevation on the store sign. The picture is the Auberry Tavern/Store in Old Auberry about 1925.

circa 1925

_113a.jpg, 80 x 35, 1.7K
500 x 223

This is the first picture of the Auberry Store where the two end structures have been added, the cafe on the right and the postoffice / library on the left. The additions were built by Leonard Root when he acquired control of the store.

circa 1930

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