Auberry Series 5D
New Auberry

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The New Auberry Grocery in the 1960's. The store had Shell gas in its pumps, long since taken out. The store began a slow deterioration which has continued until 1999 and is still being operated by Vi Harington at this date.

circa 1961

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The New Auberry Grocery from the front.

circa 1961

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Here is the New Auberry Town Hall in 1985. This was built by Edison Company about 1918 and was used for community and company functions. It has survived until 1999 and has undergone a facelift, looking considerably better today than it did in 1985. It is still used for all sorts of community events, the only other meeting places available being school buildings or churches.

circa 1985

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The New Auberry Town Hall in 1997.

circa 1997

_088a.jpg, 80 x 49, 1.8K
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A farm couple of 1912 posing in their grain field along Wish-I-Ah Road. They are halfway between Powerhouse Road and Wish-I-Ah with the photographer looking east. The site is on Jack Sturges' property today. The two story house in the right edge of the picture has disappeared but the barn showing between the man and his wife survived until the Powerhouse Fire of 1990 .

circa 1912

_089a.jpg, 80 x 47, 1.9K
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The barn on Wish-I-Ah Road as it appeared before the Powerhouse Fire burned it down.

circa 1984

_090a.jpg, 80 x 51, 1.9K
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This is the Hoskins family homestead on Powerhouse Road. It was located just south of the Mt. Ararat Trailer Park of today. It was about 1/4 of a mile north of Auberry on the west side of the road.

circa 1890

_091a.jpg, 80 x 47, 1.5K
500 x 298

The Hoskins family home north of Auberry. Note the newly installed water faucet in the foreground, possibly the reason for the picture. Also on the porch are chicken nesting boxes for eggs. The house is board and bat with the classic old time porch covering the entire end of the building.

circa 1888

_092a.jpg, 80 x 39, 1.5K
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This is the Childers family homestead between Old and New Auberry. The Childers and Hoskins families were among the few early settlers of the Auberry area, arriving in the 1870's.

circa 1895

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