Auberry Series 5C
New Auberry

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_074a.jpg, 80 x 50, 1.7K
500 x 316

The New Auberry Hotel under construction says the caption. A good look at a tent populated New Auberry.

circa 1915

_075a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.1K
500 x 334

Wellington Root and his wife in front of the New Auberry Hotel. They were the proprietors at this point in time. Check the long staircase in front of the entrance.

circa 1916

_076a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.3K
500 x 333

A closeup of the hotel entrance. The hotel being built on a hill caused it to be quite high, necessitating the long stepped entrance.

circa 1916

_077a.jpg, 57 x 80, 2.1K
326 x 450

A young David Redinger and his wife in New Auberry. Behind them is the S.J.&E. Railroad and behind that is an office building or store of some kind. Redinger went on to become the head of the Edison Big Creek Project, eventually being honored with a lake named after him.

circa 1918

_078a.jpg, 80 x 60, 1.8K
500 x 375

A Very early biplane sitting by the railroad tracks in New Auberry. Edison buildings are visible in the background. The plane was probably used to fly to the project by some high ranking official.

circa 1916

_079a.jpg, 80 x 36, 1.5K
500 x 230

A view of New Auberry from a hill to the west of the town. Powerhouse Road is visible in the foreground and the railroad crosses it right to left in the picture, although it is hard to see. The year written on the picture is wrong because New Auberry did not exist until Edison Company and the railroad showed up in 1912

circa 1915

_080a.jpg, 80 x 50, 2.1K
500 x 314

A view of Wilson Road in New Auberry in 1924. The New Auberry Store of today would be on the left and the hotel is on the right out of the picture.

circa 1924

_081a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.1K
500 x 337

This building in New Auberry was the Edison Company hospital. All workers and family members needing medical care were treated here by a full time doctor and nurse. Another hospital was operated in Big Creek for workers and family members who were farther east. The hospital was surprising modern for its time.

circa 1917

_082a.jpg, 80 x 43, 1.9K
500 x 272

Looking west down Wilson Road in New Auberry. The New Auberry Grocery is on the left in the snow. The building to the left of the store is a church.

circa 1946

_083a.jpg, 80 x 54, 2.4K
500 x 341

New Auberry Grocery in New Auberry in the 1950's. The store was operated by Mel and Vi Harrington when this picture was taken. The store is still open at this time, 1999.

circa 1952

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