Auberry Series 5B
New Auberry

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_064a.jpg, 80 x 44, 1.7K
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S.J.&E. train yard in New Auberry looking west down track. Auberry Road is in the foreground, note the living quarters (tents) for workers in the middle, the RR is in the back of the picture. The Ed Long home occupies most of this site today.

circa 1915

_065a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2K
500 x 329

This is the last surviving part of the S.J.&E. train yard at New Auberry. This cement building was the powder house where blasting supplies were stored. The thick walls provided coolness and safety. This is on the Ken Long property today. Obviously this was part of another building.

circa 1915

_066a.jpg, 80 x 45, 1.4K
500 x 287

A view of New Auberry and the train yard from the northwest. The RR yard is in the foreground with the buildings of New Auberry just behind it. Backbone Mountain and Big Sandy Ridge are in the far background. A A.C. Mudge picture.

circa 1920

_067a.jpg, 80 x 49, 1.6K
500 x 309

A close-up of the A.C. Mudge picture of New Auberry. The RR machine shop and Metal shop are in the front left. At the far right is the engine house. The powder house is part of the buildings in the center with New Auberry on the hill immediately behind the RR yard. I believe the second tall white building from the left may be the hotel.

circa 1920

_068a.jpg, 80 x 54, 2K
500 x 339

The New Auberry Hotel was located on Wilson Road between Powerhouse Road and the New Auberry grocery store. It was built after the S.J.E. RR was started and probably housed Edison Company workers.It didn't last very long and it is unknown if it was torn down or burned down. At any rate, it was gone by the late 1920's.

circa 1917

_069a.jpg, 80 x 45, 2.1K
500 x 283

The New Auberry Hotel. The tractor and wagon is on Powerhouse Road going north. This had to be at the height of construction of Edison Company's Big Creek project and RR building and traffic passing through the way to Big Creek and Huntington Lake made this a center of activity, creating a need for hotels.

circa 1919

_070a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.4K
500 x 334

The New Auberry Hotel. the sign in front is probably something about rooms and prices. This hotel had at least 20 rooms and at least one wood stove. It had to have been constructed in a hurry and couldn't have been very luxurious.

circa 1919

_071a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.4K
500 x 333

The New Auberry Hotel entrance. Look at the steps with twist in them at the bottom and the rock-lined path. Then there is a sea of mud. The sign, still unreadable, says something and then the word "construction".

circa 1919

_072a.jpg, 80 x 56, 1.8K
500 x 353

The New Auberry Hotel under construction. Note the tent building in the background.

circa 1915

_073a.jpg, 80 x 48, 2K
500 x 304

New Auberry in the snow. Notice the New Auberry Hotel on the right

circa 1916

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