Auberry Series 3

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_032a.jpg, 80 x 49, 2K
550 x 342

This is P.G.&E.'s Kerckhoff Powerhouse a few miles down the San Joaquin River from Powerhouse #1. It was accessible from Powerhouse Road on Smalley Road, which dead ended at the site. Today it has been replaced by a underground facility but the old building still remains. The company settlement about 1/2 mile above it on the edge of the river is mostly gone. The scene is of people looking at the big flood in the early 1950's.

circa 1953

_033a.jpg, 80 x 50, 2K
550 x 350

Another picture of the Kerckhoff Powerhouse on the San Joaquin River. The water running through it comes from Kerckhoff Lake at P.H. #1, delivered by tunnel. The powerhouse was built by San Joaquin Light and Power Company in the 1920's and when S.L.&P. became P.G.&E., the facility changed owners. Pictured is the flood in the 1950's, which took out the foot bridge across the river here and did much damage throughout the valley.

circa 1953

_034a.jpg, 80 x 52, 1.7K
550 x 359

Kerckhoff Powerhouse on the San Joaquin River during the flood of the early 1950's. The water level is showing high on the side of the powerhouse, eventually running inside.

circa 1953

_035a.jpg, 80 x 49, 2K
550 x 340

Kerckhoff Powerhouse on the San Joaqion River after the big flood of the early 1950's. In the foreground is the foundation of the machine shop, which was destroyed by the flood. The water in picture 34a is about 10 feet below the white level on the powerhouse, giving one some idea of the water's maximum height.

circa 1953

_036a.jpg, 80 x 50, 1.9K
550 x 350

A look at Kerckhoff Powerhouse on the San Joaquin River in the flood of the 1950's. The name is visible and the water is flowing inside the building.

circa 1953

_037a.jpg, 80 x 50, 2.5K
550 x 348

After the flood of the 1950's across the river from Kerckhoff powerhouse. Visible is the foot bridge across the San Joaquin River where the flood left it.

circa 1953

_038a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2K
550 x 359

Kerckhoff Powerhouse. The pictures shows what is left of the facilities of the old days. The metal structure supported the cable which lowered materials down the incline to the powerhouse site, about 1/2 mile below this scene. The incline had railroad tracks and used rail cars to hold supplies lowered to the river. All the materials used went down the incline. An electric winch controlled the cable.

circa 1995

_039a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2K
550 x 358

Looking down the incline track at Kerckhoff Powerhouse. The warehouse pictured has a San Joaquin Light and Power logo painted on it. The logo was restored in the 1980's and is partially covered by ivy. On the left is the the support for the cable on the incline. The mountain in the background is across the river.

circa 1995

_040a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.1K
550 x 365

A close-up of the San Joaquin Light and Power logo at Kerckhoff Powerhouse. The building is one of the few surviving from the initial construction of the facility. The logo has been restored from the original.

circa 1995

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