Auberry Series 2a
San Joaquin River - Wishon

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_007a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.4K
550 x 371

This is the foot and horse bridge across the San Joaquin River at Italian Bar. This was the first bridge across the river at that spot. Italian Bar got its name from a gold mining area, today this spot is under the water at the upper end of Redinger Lake. A vehicle bridge crosses the lake at this spot.

The suspension bridge picture is a Fleming family picture.

circa 1890

_008a.jpg, 80 x 58, 2.4K
550 x 403

Another picture of the foot and horse suspension bridge at Italian Bar on the San Joaquin River. This Fleming family picture has a forest ranger in the picture. He is the man in the broad hat being shown something in the picture..This bridge was in trouble during high water. The site is under Redinger Lake today.

circa 1890

_009a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.4K
550 x 369

Pictured is the bridge across the San Joaquin River on Powerhouse Road at P.G.&E.'s Kerckhoff Lake. At times the bridge was a solid wood span but at times when it flooded out the middle span was replaced by this wagon and car sized suspension bridge. The site is about 1/4 mile northwest or down river from today's bridge.

circa 1925

_010a.jpg, 80 x 55, 2.3K
550 x 383

The bridge across the San Joaquin River at Kerckhoff Lake on Powerhouse Road looking upriver. When the suspension car sized suspension bridge replaced the washed out wooden spans it was considered safe for vehicle use. This was disproved in 1914 when a car broke the bridge and fell into the river below, killing all four occupants by drowning. Three power employees and one of the men's wives died. Plaques were placed at the Wishon No.1 Powerhouse in their memory.

circa 1914

_011a.jpg, 80 x 51, 2.3K
550 x 352

The bridge across the San Joaquin River at Kerckhoff lake on Powerhouse Road. In this very early picture teams and empty wagons are crossing the wooden span bridge. The teamsters have delivered materials for San Joaquin Light and Power's Powerhouse No.1 being built about 1/2 mile down river from this site. The teams are crossing from the Madera County side to the Fresno County side where they will travel through Auberry and down Auberry Road to Fresno.

circa 1892

_012a.jpg, 80 x 41, 1.8K
550 x 284

A team and wagon crossing the San Joaquin River on the Kerckhoff Lake Bridge. The teamster is hauling materials to the new powerhouse being built at the lake. They are coming from the Fresno County side to Madera County. Note the deep crevice the river has carved below the bridge.

circa 1895

_013a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.5K
550 x 360

A closeup of picture # 012a. Twelve mules pulling two loaded wagons to the powerhouse construction site. The first wagon has what seems like lumber while the second wagon has pen stock. The teamster is riding the white wheel mule.

circa 1895

_014a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.2K
550 x 363

San Joaquin Light and Power's Powerhouse No.1 on the San Joaquin River. Powerhouse Road crosses the river on the bridge in the foreground. The large white building in the center of the picture is the powerhouse while the cleared stripe up the mountain right is the path of the pen stock coming from Bass Lake. Residences for workers have been built to the left and behind the powerhouse. The lake has been filled and the road to North Fork winds up the hill in the back center.

circa 1925

_015a.jpg, 68 x 80, 2.9K
322 x 375

Looking Northwest or down the San Joaquin River at Kerckhoff Lake. Crossing the river in the foreground is the wooden bridge and the San Joaquin L.&P.'s Powerhouse No. 1 is behind the bridge.

circa 1915

_016a.jpg, 80 x 46, 1.9K
590 x 341

Working on the S.J. L.&P.'s bridge across the San Joaquin River at Kerckhoff Lake. The bridge is about 1/4 mile down river from today's bridge.

circa 1910

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