Auberry Series 6A
Old Auberry

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_094a.jpg, 80 x 56, 2K
500 x 350

This is the oldest surviving building in Old Auberry, the blacksmith shop. The part of this building behind the false front is the back part of today's Auberry Garage. After much modern remodeling it is nearly unrecognizable. Shown in the background right is a cafe operated by a relative of the Qualls family. The shop false front is new as can be seen in the unweathered boards.

circa 1884

_095a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.3K
500 x 334

The Auberry blacksmith in part of the early years was Mr. Pinnell. The Pinnells were an old pioneer family and remained in the area many years. Shown in the picture standing in the doorway are the blacksmith, Mr. Pinnell and his children. The boy on the horse and the man behind him are unidentified.

circa 1884

_096a.jpg, 80 x 51, 2.2K
500 x 324

This picture shows the blacksmith shop, the Pinnells, and a Civil War veteran called "Stumpy". Obviously Stumpy has no right leg, thus the name. Stumpy's name and story are possibly true or not.

circa 1884

_097a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2.2K
500 x 326

With the blacksmith shop on the left, the Qualls operated cafe is on the right. Pictured in front are two ladies, one of them being Wes Qualls' great-aunt. The site is occupied today by the Ponderosa Market.

circa 1884

_098a.jpg, 53 x 80, 2.2K
301 x 450

Ernest Hoskins, Sr. and an unidentified man in front of the blacksmith shop. The shop is showing some aging and the picture is worn and cracked.

circa 1910

_099a.jpg, 80 x 36, 1.7K
500 x 226

The Auberry Garage in 1997. The blacksmith front was about 1/3 of the way from the back of this building. The tank house on the right is also one of Auberry's oldest buildings but much newer than the garage/blacksmith shop.

circa 1997

_100a.jpg, 80 x 34, 1.7K
500 x 214

The F.F. Witham Store in Old Auberry. This was Auberry's oldest store, built around 1880. It sat where Velasco's cafe sits today. Velasco's is the north wing of the L.O. Root store building which was partially destroyed by fire in the late 1970's.

circa 1911

_101a.jpg, 80 x 53, 2.1K
500 x 337

The people on the porch of the store picture in Auberry are unidentified. Note the motorcycle in front of the building. To the right of the picture is the site of Auberry Elementary School today.

circa 1911

_102a.jpg, 80 x 52, 2K
500 x 326

A close-up of the F.F. Witham store in Auberry.

circa 1911

_103a.jpg, 80 x 43, 1.7K
500 x 273

This is a picture of Auberry's main street looking north. Visible on the right is the blacksmith shop, on the left is the Youngquist Store. Behind the Youngquist Store is a gas pump and the Witham Store.There is a unreadable sign stretched across the street advertising some event or business.

circa 1920

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